Welcome to Dispatch Now! We are proud and honored to work with our Advertisers who make our business possible and who make it possible to connect our future customers with us. Whether you are one of our existing and active Advertisers, or just browsing to learn more - we are happy and thankful that you are visiting us and are interested in Advertiser role with our company.

01 Who are Advertisers.

Our Advertisers are quite similar to other participants in a gig economy in most relevant details - they are independent contractors paid for their gig if and when they decide to take it. What we do at DispatchNow is to pre-qualify our Advertisers, make sure they are connected to our information and do get gig offers, and to make sure that they are getting paid fairly and timely. 


02 What Advertisers do.

Much like any other advertisers in a gig economy, our Advertisers carry a display of our advertisement (window decal with QR code, most commonly) and are connected via mobile app with us. Monthly payments available for Advertisers.  Vehicle must pass an initial and monthly inspection to qualify.


03 How Advertisers get paid.

Our Advertisers are paid monthly, per gig with success fees paid for any resulting conversions directly tracked from the Advertisers sign, QR code and/or assigned tracking phone number.



04 How Advertisers get engaged.

We need to make sure our Advertisers are qualified and pre-approved to take the job - after all, we are entrusting our Advertisers with showing our business to the public and generating leads for our logistic partners. 



05 How Advertisers get onboarded.

Our Advertisers are getting the initial setup package with the ad (decal, to be attached to their car); we help with the initial setup of the ad, train on answering questions, generating leads, recording and assisting leads with reaching the target message of the ad.  Advertisers get paid promptly and fairly.

If you are one of our existing Advertisers, please login to your account to continue. If you would like to learn more about becoming an Advertiser, or have more questions and need more information - please, send us an inquiry.