Welcome to Dispatch Now! We are proud and honored to work with our Drivers Partners who make our business possible and who deliver a unique and valuable experience to our customers. Whether you are one of our existing and active Drivers, or just browsing to learn more - we are happy and thankful that you are visiting us and are interested in Driver role with our company.

01 Who are Drivers.

Our Drivers can be associated with other delivery service apps or exclusive to Dispatch Now. What we do as DispatchNow is to pre-qualify our Driver Partners, make sure they are connected to our information and get gig offers, and to make sure that they are getting paid fairly and timely. Please inquire​ within for more details


02 What Drivers do.

Our Driver Partners are connected via mobile app which shows them gigs/jobs available in their area. If Driver accepts it, more details follows via the app. All work is essentially done via the app. 



03 How Drivers get paid.

Driver Partners are getting paid per gig and/or per service provided. This includes an hourly-based fee, and a per service set fee. 



04 How Drivers get engaged.

We need to make sure our Driver Partners are qualified and pre-approved to take the job - after all, our customers are entrusting their cars into hands of Driver Partners. The selection and screening processes are complete and then you can start start seeing available opportunities within the platform.


05 How Drivers get onboarded.

Driver Partners are covered by umbrella insurance and are trained to perform various duties to our specs and requirements, including Covid-19 safety measures and other required business steps of the process. Driver Partners most certainly need to get trained before we put them behind the wheels of our customers' cars. 

If you are one of our existing Drivers, please login to your account to continue. If you would like to learn more about becoming a Driver, or have more questions and need more information - please, send us an inquiry.